Dubai is most famous for its spectacular beaches and fantastic modern hotels that tower over its crystal blue waters. Tourists flock here for the year-round hot temperatures, luxury accommodation, and world-class shopping. However, the shores of Dubai aren’t all that this Middle Eastern oasis has to offer. Experience one of Dubai’s most enchanting and exhilarating natural resources – its desert. Dubai desert safaris come in all shades be it adrenaline pumping action or a relaxing adventure. Regardless of what you are in search of there is a desert safari in Dubai that will exceed your expectations, just ask a few questions to choose the right safari for you.

Adrenaline Pumping

If you want the action packed exploring of the desert’s dunes sign up for some dune bashing. This is a safari for those who can’t get enough stomach flipping, high-speed driving that will have you always gripping your seat. You will travel in the comfort of an air-conditioned jeep as you fly up and down the sandy hills.

This desert adventure isn’t for the faint-hearted. If you get motion sickness or have problems with your neck or back, then this probably isn’t the safari for you. If you can’t get enough roller coaster-like thrills, love the feeling of your stomach flipping, and consider yourself the ultimate adventurer then dune bashing is a great fit. Couples that cringe at wild rides into the desert sunset will find this type of safari right up their ally. Older travellers and families will find this trip a bit too much and are better choosing a more sedate option.

If whipping through the dunes in a jeep just doesn’t give you enough of a rush, then opt for an even more great safari on the back of your very own quad bike or dune buggy. With these vehicles, you will be in total control or your speed, turns, and route providing the ultimate thrills.

Camel Safari

Viewing the Dubai desert from the back of a camel is a once in a lifetime experience that is best suited for those in search of a more relaxed adventure. The use of camels to travel across the desert is a century old practice by the local Bedouin people. Their bodies have evolved in a way that allows camels to withstand many hours of travel through the dry and barren desert. The camel’s ability to survive for many days without drinking or eating and their docile temperaments has earned them the name ‘the ship of the desert.’ Despite their size camels are gentle and get very attached to their owner.

The pace of this safari is much more sedate and perfect for those with a sense of adventure, but want nothing too extreme. The slower pace gives you a chance to soak in your surroundings, seeing this special landscape in a way you would miss whizzing around dune bashing. If you are timid around animals, this may not be the best safari adventure for you. Also, families with younger children would be better picking a different option. However, families with older children, couples who want a little romance or adventure seekers who like a calm pace a Dubai desert camel safari is an ideal choice. If you want a taste of this ancient mode of transport and enjoy learning about the history of your destination, you will love this safari.

Wildlife Safari

A wildlife safari in Dubai is the desert version of the ever popular African safari. Instead of the great creatures of the savannah, you will get to see the lesser known, but just as beautiful desert-dwelling animals. This safari is best suited for the more timid adventurer, families, older travellers and couples who enjoy wildlife. You will travel in the security and safety of a jeep, making this activity suitable even for younger children. There are different types of wildlife safaris. If you want to explore the desert landscape, but don’t want to get too close to nature go for a day safari, where you can stay a comfortable distance from animals and sand. If you are a true nature lover consider a night-time safari that includes camping, giving you the chance to connect with your environment. If its exhilaration you want then dune bashing would be more suitable.

Wildlife safaris take you into the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, a mammoth expanse of land dedicated to protecting native plants, insects, and animals so that future generations won’t miss out on seeing them. You will discover a huge variety of life in the reserve, something that usually surprises visitors. You will have the chance to spot the Arabian red fox, the sand fox, the tiny sand cat and Gordon’s wildcat. The sand gazelle and Arabian gazelle are common sights but look closely as their coat colours blend almost seamlessly with the desert landscape. A variety of snakes, lizards, and geckos can be seen sunning themselves on rocks and many types of grass, trees, shrubs, and herbs break up the beige tones of the land.

As you can see a desert safari can be for every type of traveller. The key is choosing the one that best suits your goals and family, ensuring that everyone can take part and have a great time. To help you figure out the best desert safari in Dubai for you just ask yourself a few questions: what are the ages in my group? Do you prefer wildlife? Do you want minutes of non-stop adrenaline pumping thrills? Or do you want a relaxed desert exploration? The answers to these questions will tell you what safari is the best for you.