“Soooo… where are we going?”

You’ve heard it before – the ever-lingering, sometimes annoying, and often dreaded “where to?” question.

More often than not, we’ll resort to what we call the “same olds” – the same old burger joint you’ve been eating at for months, the same old place where you had your last few birthdays, the same old restaurant you took that special someone on your anniversary. Boooooring. But hey, finding the perfect place (especially a new one) is never easy.

We wanted a ridonkulously easy way to discover places you’ll love. So we built looloo!

Dubaify is ready to help you discover the best places!

Explore nearby, trending, open, or top-rated places in Metro Manila.

Review places you visit and tell your friends all about them. That old saying is right: “A picture’s worth a thousand words.” Don’t forget to include a photo!

Recommend places to your friends on the app and receive credit for your reviews! Because it’s your friends who know you best, you’re sure that the recommendations you receive are from people you trust – those who really know what you like!

Get out there and have an adventure with Dubaify!

Dubaify is the Dubai’s largest reviewing community and business listings website. We depend on our thousands of users, readers and reviewers to create a unique environment where businesses can interact with their customers to provide a better consumer experience. You can join in the fun too and tell people about the places you love and the ones that you didn’t enjoy. Stay up to date, win prizes for being active in the community and eventually get discounts at the places you love too.